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Today, I am not going to write a quote, nor am I going to speak about issues, problems, and the need for change. This article is going to be something entirely different and the one I hope that connects with all people reading my article out there like it has been doing constantly. My article is going to be about the joy, beauty, and satisfaction of writing an article. As I said, something that is out of the box. This is an experience that everyone needs to have at least once in their lifetime.

 Something that I have learned over the process is that if you are writing an article you do not necessarily have to publish it for the world to read. It can be a very personal thing and that will still be an article. The reason I am calling it an article and not diary writing is because a diary is very you put your feeling, emotions, and happenings of your life into paper. However, article writing is channelizing your thoughts, feelings, and emotions to things happening around you and using words to put out your opinions and perspective into it.

If you think, your article is not going to make a difference you are wrong. Every small thing that we do has an impact not just on ourselves but also on the people living around us. I would want all my readers to remember that if you are writing an article and putting it out in the public, which makes you think that it will not make a difference or an impact then it is high time you think otherwise. When you do the job of writing an article with all your might and hard work then the article will do its job and does not necessarily be out for the public.

Writing an article is not the only thing that one can do. There is so much more than that everyone can explore and bring themselves out with their amazing talent and art. We cannot please everyone on this planet nevertheless what we surely can do is please ourselves with our work and talents. The other thing that I would like to tell my readers is that when we are writing and we write for ourselves rather than thinking about other things, it often brings the best out of us, sometimes beyond our expectation and that is the magic and power of words.

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Factors that make writing an article a joy

So many factors make writing an article a joy. The factors that I am going to mention are the ones that are always the ones that make me want to keep up with my writing abilities as much as I can.

Learning something new: One of the most important things that keep me going and writing as much as I can is because I always learn something new. Even though I am aware of that topic, there are so many nuances that I learn every time I about topics I am already aware of. Apart from that, new topics give me so much information about things that are happening which makes me more aware and knowledgeable that it brings about a sense of satisfaction about myself.

Makes me more aware of my society, surrounding, environment: I used to think every day about what is my article going to be about today. To find an answer to that I made sure to see things happening around me small or big. Things that are often brushed off. Social media usage helped me read so many things that exist in a society, which was good and bad. Writing an article every day about something relevant to society made me more alert and brought about so many different opinions and perspectives about things for me.

A sense of responsibility: When we know that the things we write and the things we feel play an impact, at least to some extent we become more responsible while writing our articles. This sense of responsibility made me write about topics that cover different issues that exist in society and the urge to be responsible in some way to bring about change that is much required. I believe when people read my article it should create an impact on them. Therefore, I should write with complete responsibility so that a positive impact and effect can be seen in the readers.

A major self-impact: Writing articles also comes from a place of it being able to create a positive impact on me. By writing articles, I feel much more confident, valued, respected, and have a sense of power about myself, which is the most fruitful thing for me. The best part is that it makes me feel good about myself, which matters so much in creating a positive and pleasing environment for me.

 The rush of my thoughts, opinions, and imagination: This happens to me every time I think of a topic and it is the best part of writing an article for me. My thoughts, opinions, perspectives, and imagination all work together simultaneously and brings about an abundant amount of information to my head, and putting all of these down into words is what makes it so special for me. The amount of happiness I get by the flow of my words into the document is what makes my life interesting every day.

I can go on and on about several other factors that play an important role in making the process of writing an article a joy. However, bringing out each factor that brings out the beauty of writing an article for me spoils the essence. It is something I believe that people should experience on their own. Of course, some things might not be factor for me but will surely be a factor for someone else and that is completely okay. What is important is that factors should be important for you and should not be because of any external factor that is playing a role in it.

My article is not going to be very long today. It is not going to tell what one should do or how one should do things. It is because I believe everybody can write and every writing is beautiful as long as the writer loves their work

To conclude, writing an article is a beautiful journey. A journey that does not have good things in it but also bad things in it. These things might sometimes make you feel tired, however, it is only when you learn and overcome these bad things and emerge as a winner that truly makes this journey a beautiful one.


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