Harming the Harmless

Don’t be bitter, save the critters’

From the above slogan, it is not very difficult to understand that what it is trying to say. It is putting forth an idea which says that don’t be harsh, rude, cruel and bitter against the animal. Save them.

In the world of modernisation and globalisation, development and invention are taking place at a very fast pace. People are so absorbed in moving forward that they doesn’t care that who all are affected or harmed in the said process. They simply want the progress to take place no matter what. One such group who faces the cruelty in the so called invention and the development of the mankind, are animals.

Talking about the animals and the cruelty faced by them in these times, they become the replacement of humans when it comes to testing for anything. Whenever any new science, technology , medicine or whatever the case may be requires the human testing in order to test and establish that it is safe and correct to be used by the masses, animals are tested in place of humans because their biological properties and attributes are in some or the other way similar to the human properties and attributes. Also, there will be no one who will raise objection regarding that.

But times are changing. It has not been that same old cruel world who will freely allow the cruelty in the name of development of science and technology. Now, it will raise objection and urge the people who are doing this to stop right away.

To be specific, animal cruelty happen in different ways like poisoning, shocking, burning and killing them for various outcomes. They are tested in the laboratory to see what will be the outcome of the particular drug or chemical when it will be given to the poisonous person and for that purpose animal are poisoned for the result. They face severe cruelty in the name of the development of the mankind which is definetly immoral.

The principle and the foremost reason that the animal cruelty should be stopped is that it is unethical. It does not hold any ethical importance in the right minded people. Using animal’s and their body for our own purpose is a very selfish act. It cannot be termed as the right thing to do in the name of the development of the mankind. Considering the word mankind, ‘kind’ is present but with the act of cruelty and selfishness, we leave behind kindness.

Also, it is not a good science. According to the report of the National Institutes of Health, 95 out of every 100 tests of the drugs which pass the animal tests fails in the humans. With this figure, it will not be wrong to interpret that testiing in animals is a bad science. In this process, the precious money, invaluable time and all other resources not to forget the precious lives of the animals are wasted. The outcome which comes out is not even an effective. The are so worthless that 50% of reports are not even published. Therefore, it is should be banned because it is unnecessary to take it further.