Life without Technology

Ever imagined that what the life will look if a person gets up in the morning and does not find his phone beside him? Or a laptop? Or a geyser in the bathroom while bathing? It would be very weird to imagine a situation like this.

The case would have been very different if a situation like this was presented 20 years ago. But now the entire scenario is changed in this respect. The individual needs his phone now every minute. It cannot be kept aside. For the work to be done, phone is necessary. Not only phone but every digital object and technology we use now have a reason and it will definitely create some kind of havoc in our life if taken away from us. It will pose problem for us because we are used to that daily and to the level that its absence will make us restless. We will be forced to come out from our comfort zone which definitely no one wants.

The reason behind this development in our lives was the development in the field of technology and the stressful and hectic daily schedule of people which made them yearn for the comfort. Now, people has to work a lot to make their livelihood and social representation and it is even more difficult in a metropolitan city where there is so much competition. Everything happens at such a fast pace that if a person takes rest of even a moment, he is left behind and it can further lead to frustration. There are so many things involved. So, it becomes very necessary that a person be relaxed at the end of the day and uses all the amenities which can further make his life easier. In this respect, it is very important.

It is also seen as a symbol of luxury for the rich people. The latest digital object is obviously very expensive because of all the latest technology involved which is said to involve a billion dollar money, the precious time and a lot of resources. This expensive nature of the latest technological object urge the people of elite class to take it and use it as their symbol of their richness. It gives them recognition and also enhances their social representation in the society which benefits in them in many ways.

Apart from luxury and comfort factor, people also want to engage themselves with the latest technology because of the trend. The use of latest smart phone or TV or laptop or any other object has started a trend which almost everyone wants to follow. They want to keep up with the people of the society. Almost everyone now uses it and if they will not follow they will be left behind.

Lastly, I want to conclude with my opinion that 20 years ago the scenario was different. Not everyone was keep up with the latest technology but now the times have been changed. Keeping up with the latest technology is the need of the hour. If an individual will not follow the trend he will be left behind and all his competition will supersede him which can further create anxiousness and stress in him. Therefore, apart from the symbol of luxury, technology is seen as something useful and necessary thing.