Social Media has helped in better communication

Gone are the times when people used to sit together with their family and friends and share the anecdotes which turns all the faces into smiles and laughter. From children to mid-age couples to older couples, they all enjoyed together and feel happy but now it is very rare to find where everone is present together. It rarely happens and the reason for that can be said as our fast moving lives.

In the era of globalization, everything has been changed from the chemistry of the country to the chemistry of the relationships. They are no more the same ones. The emotional aspect in the relationships which were present before and strongly connectd each other is now lost somewhere. The threads has become loose and scientifically speaking, whenever something becomes loose, it strangles. Strangles up to a extent that it is broken into the pieces. It changes the overall chemistry.

But whatever is happening cannot be said termed as intentional. It is not a choice but the need of the hour. The person is required to do work day and night if he wants to survive. Survival does not only means food, shelter and clothes but also mean the social standing in the society. Now, the need is to earn more than the bare minimum for the representation and in all these chaos and the race, family and friends are left behind.

So, the invention of social media is a big thank you from the side of busy people. They can connect with their friends and family while sitting in the bedroom of their house.

For the people who are not able to make time for their family and friends because of their busy and tight schedule, they can connect to them through social media platform. There they can chat, talk and see what what all is going on that person’s life. It gives an insight into the person’s life from a very far distance and that helps in the better communication.

Sometimes, it so happen that even if we have time we are not able to visit people because the time which we have is limited. It is not abundant but our family and friends are huge in number. They consist a lot of people and it is not possible to to go to each and every place in that limited time. It is really not possible. Then we resort to social media for communication.

Even in these pandemic times, social media platform helped us to stay in connect with our loved and dear ones. It was not possible for everyone to live together as that would increase the chances to contract the deadly virus. So, everyone had to stay at their own places. But living alone did not left the person to stay in solitude. Even though he could not meet his loved and dear ones but he can communicate to all of them through social media. He was able to know everything.

Lastly, I would conclude with my opinion that in the era of globalization and also in this tough times, social media was the only platform through which we were able to communicate to all family and friends. We were able to live with them in all the aspects of their life though virtually. Still, living is important and it was done.