Changing Camaraderie of Families

Ever imagined that why the equation among the family members are changing? If yes, then what are the reasons for that?

To begin with, now the family relationships are not the same as it had been 15-20 years ago. Now, the families no more sits together to dine, watch movies, go on a vacation and attend function. The lives have become very private. The camaraderie and the chemistry is now changing and it’s not only for one or two families, it applies to almost 90% of the families living in the society. If taken a survey, the statistics may even go up because this is today’s reality. The truth which now people accept but does not think to amend it.

To amend it, first the root cause should be identified that why this particular change has happened. What is the reason behind all this? And the biggest question which takes place in the mind is, are the families happy with the change occurring in their lives? So the answer should be taking everything into the consideration, all the aspects affecting in one or the other way and then giving a conclusion because if even one aspect is missed, the answer wouldn’t be wholly correct.

The principle and foremost reason to be indentified here is the busy and hectic schedule of the people nowadays which does not give them time to even relax forget the vacation with the families. They are so busy in their career, job, lives that taking out time for the dear and loved ones is also a big task. There is no spare time left for anyone after working so hard day and night.

Another reason is that now people have become more private. They want now more freedom and their own space to live. They want to do everything as they wish and don’t want anyone’s presence in it. Even if the immediate family members try to give a piece of advice, they are angry. They think they are capable to handle their lives and does not need anyone’s instruction or order. They will live a life on their own terms and conditions. Solely on their own discretion.

In the above two reasons which is presented, it can be seen that in one problem consent of the person is not present whereas in one reason consent of the person is present in distancing himself with the family members but the common thread which lies in both the reason is the fact that now lives have become fast. It moves at a very fast pace. In reason one, people have become busy because now there is so much competition and no one wants to be left behind. In reason two, the fast moving life made the individuals search for freedom and their own space.

Now the next question which comes in accordance to that is, Are they happy with this? So, the answer is yes. They are happy like this. Earlier, the people felt relaxation when they meet their loved and dear ones but now one-hour of even playing a video game will give them the same amount of happiness which their meet-up would give. They are happy with that also. No need for meeting the family and the other relationships just for the happiness.

Lastly, I would like to conclude with my opinion that maybe now, individuals does not realize the importance of family and the relationships in their lives but it is important. Times are changed but the significance and place of family is same. It should be cherished further with time and love because this will be only left with us at the end of our life. No video game will come to our rescue when we will cry. So, the relationships should be nurtured with them rather than keeping them at the bay.