It often happens that whenever we are told by our mother to bring something from the store or wash the dishes or clean the bed, we delay it. Not only this, it happens in almost all the situations where we are asked to do something but we delay it. It does not mean that work is not done or left behind. The same person does it to whom the work is assigned but after some time. This is called Procrastination. The literal meaning of procrastination is the action of delaying or postponing something.

It is not a disease or a virus which happens to be in the person’s body but a thinking. Also, it can be termed as a mentality. The mentality where we think that we’ll do it later, after some time. Nothing is going away and we have some time. Not everything has to be done right away. And with this thought we keep on delaying and postponing work.

It seems very normal but from a practical aspect it is not good. With delaying and postponing, we tend to become like a person who does not concern himself or herself with the activity going on. According to us, there is no significance of the present moment because delaying things and doing it in the future is our habit. We are like this. We take it as a an assignment which can be performed or submitted wherever we want forgetting the fact that the result changes with the time of the submission. The medical drug is required when the person is ill. It is not like that it can be given at any time. The time holds importance and its own significance. It does not only depends on our own discretion.

According to the recent research report, it is observed that this habit of procrastination emerges from a very early age in the individual like when he or she is around 7-8 years. At that time, it is only an action but slowly it transforms into a habit when there is no one around to correct it. The act of correcting is the work of the parents and when they fail to perform their responsibility, their child develops a habit like this which cause him to compensate in the future.

With the procrastination, an individual misses out on a lot of opportunities. When we assign and engage ourselves with the tasks in the future, we’ll never be able to grab the opportunites that will come in the future then and there. Since we are already occupied with so many things, another assignment will cause stress and will further make us avoid the another one.

Not only missing on the opportunities given, sometimes it so happen that it becomes very hectic and stressful. We tend to delay and postpone and what finally happens is the last time comes. Some people are strong to come out from that situation but some people get really stuck there. Then it becomes very difficult from them to cope up with that. At that time, regret follows. We start thinking that Alas! We should have done it before hand only. If done before, this all wouldn’t have happened.

Lastly, I would like to conclude with my opinion that the individuals who have the habit of procrastinating things, should change that else they will miss out on a lot of things. Further, it can even cost them something very valuable. It’s not like that it can’t be changed. It’s just that efforts should be put into the place and the will to change and come out from that place.