Religion- Solidarity or Discord?

Ever wondered or thought about the existence of the religion in our society? Whether it unites us or parts us? Does it create the feeling of solidarity or separation? Whether it gives us we-feeling or feeling of discord? The questions are unlimited but there is no definite and particular answer to be given. It follows various logics and arguments and there is no supreme authority which can say that yes, this argument is right or no, this argument is wrong. The reason lies in the question only that it talks about religion and religion is something which is directly related to the sentiments and the feeling of the people and no one is ready to take up against somebody’s sentiments or feelings. It will disturb the peace and harmony of the society if any attack is done against the religious feeling s of the people.

To come to any conclusion, it is very important to first analyze the whole existence and it’s emergence. It is not something which has emerged some 50-100 years ago. The archaeological evidence shows that it dates back some hundred thousand years ago to the middle and lower paleolithic period. So, the question which arises in accordance to that, Is there is only one religion or many? The answer is that there are many but its years of existence is not the same. Hindu religion started somewhere between 2300 B.C and 1500 B.C in the Indus Valley whereas Islam dates back to the 7th century, making it the youngest of the major world religions. Like that, Christianity began in the 1st century in the roman province of judea. There are many more.

The basic question which then arises is if one religion was present then what was the need to take up a new religion? So, the answer would be that though religions were present but some people did not agree or accept the practices and ideologies of a particular religion. They felt the need to amend some things in which some old is scrapped and some new is added. In this order, things happened and now, there are many religions present in the society to look up to.

Coming back to the first question of our article, Whether it unites or parts us from each other? Whether it creates a feeling of unity and solidarity or feeling of discord and separation? The answer is partially yes and partially no. It is yes because whatever the religion is of a person, the common thread which lies in everyone is the humanity. Before adopting any religion, the person is first a human being and that cannot be lost with the coming of anything. The common brotherhood and sisterhood among the humans will always be present in the society and bind its people. The mankind will continue to grow like this.

But when we say no, there is also a reason present. The reason is related to the religion’s emergence only. There was some kind of differences between people only which led to the birth of new religion. This means that people are not similar. Their way of thought and mentality varies from person to person. When one agrees with something and the another one does not agree with that, it is obvious that a sense of discomfort will take place. New thinking will be born among people and that will make them different from each other. So, the expectation of unity among different people will be very challenging because human beings are the ones which have their tolerance level very low. If someone is different from them in the thinking and mentality, they are not unable to cooperate with them.

Lastly, I want to conclude with my opinion that after all the differences present, we need to respect that. This respect is a mutual thing and it can be seen among people. That is why, there is still unity present in the diversity.