Addiction of drugs is eventually spreading unchecked among school going students especially in teenagers across the world. Today, the crisis of drug abuse has reached to such levels which are unparallel. Thus, drug eradication is the need of hour. The young school students are being targeted by the drug dealers as potential consumers and their life are at a stake of risk.

The youths fall in the trap of drug abuse due to being unable to cope up with excessive stress or anxiety, peer pressure, lack of self confidence etc. A number of parents have renounced their duties as guardians and protectors and expect that around the school campus, it is the teacher’s duty to protect the students in their absence. As a result of parent’s lack of strictness and care, the students on the contrary have become more prone to be regular drug users. The school children are vulnerable and are easily lured in the addiction web by the cunning and clever drug dealers. The peddlers sell drugs disguised in form of sweets or any other confectionery to the unwary students easily.

“Get high on grades- not on drugs.”


Therefore, the students play a significant role in the eradication of drugs both at school as well as at home. Firstly, they should be made aware of the vicious effects of using drugs. Hence, by being aware of the dangerous effects which could disturb their physical as well as mental health, they could be able to concentrate on the eradication of drugs in order to stay safe. The youth especially the school students must also be taught the method to identify different types of drugs and drug addiction symptoms. Although, all drugs are addictive but cocaine and heroin are hard drugs and are comparatively exceptionally addictive. The students must be responsible enough to make certain that they never attempt to experiment with any sort of drug. As through various surveys, it has been found that addiction initially begins in youth with the drug experiment and gradually unknowingly turns into addiction.

The students must be cautious while buying any eatable items sealed or unsealed. To be on a safer side, they must always purchase any item either from a reliable shop or from the school canteen. They should mainly avoid buying snacks from the streets or on the road side, as consequently it would reduce the chances for the drug dealers to sell disguised drugs to the students. It should be the duty of the students to report to the school administration about any suspected selling or use of drug of any sort or any person found suspicious of selling something doubtful to the students. It would be helpful enough for the school administration to notice early, the use of drugs and consequently take effective measures in this regard before it becomes an escalating problem.

Today, drug addiction among the youths and school going students is a matter of concern. The cases of drug addiction is increasing day by day. Thus, student’s role in the eradication of drugs is very beneficial and effective. It is the need of an hour for the students to pay attention towards drug eradication and avoid coming into contact of any sort of drug in order to preserve their good health and bright future and life ahead.