Satisfaction doubles the Happiness

Before we begin to understand the phrase ‘Satisfaction Doubles the Happiness’, it is very important to know the context in which the above words will be used in the article as different perception and presentation of the word will only give birth to the ambiguity in understanding and dilemma of result. So, it would be wise to know the meaning in which it is used in paragraph rather than only its literal meaning.

Satisfaction. The literal meaning of satisfaction is fulfillment of one’s wishes, expectations, needs or the pleasure derived from this. Similar to Contentment. Here, in this article it means the acceptance. Whatever the outcome or result comes in front of us, we are able to accept that and satisfied with it. There should be no room for confusion and regret.

Happiness. The literal meaning of happiness is the state of being happy. It refers to that state where the person is feeling pleasure and delighted. In this article, it is used as an abstract feeling which comes from not materialistic things and depend on it. It is an emotion.

Coming to the main article, What does it mean by satisfaction doubles happiness? It means the acceptance of things and situations which leads to being happy. It will be better understood if presented and explained with an example. Suppose a person wants to become the CEO of a multinational company so that he can earn more money, respect, recognition and much more. He wants that position by hook or crook no matter what. So, he starts working hard day and night for it. He puts in so much efforts to achieve that one single position. Did everything in his capacity to rise to that position but his hard luck. After all that efforts and labor he is not able to achieve that position and what next follows is insatiable state where he blames himself. He is not happy. He is not satisfied. In that situation, the individual should realize the fact that he did everything which was in his hands and if after that also, he doesn’t get that, it means that it is not meant for him. He should accept it and move on rather than stuck on the same page of life. He should be satisfied and grateful for all that he has rather than feeling insatiable and discomfort for all that he doesn’t have. He should be happy and move on from that chapter of the life. He should not let his happiness depend on materialistic things. It is difficult but not that impossible. If a person tries to do that, he will definitely be able to do it.

Lastly, I would like to conclude with my opinion that if a person will remain unhappy, he will miss on a lot of opportunities in the future because when he is not feeling good, how will he be able to concentrate and focus on new things? How will he look for new paths and gateways which are opened for him? The person has to forget and grab new things in life and at the end that’s what will make them happy. A happy heart. Therefore, the habit of being satisfied and able to accept things in life will only double the prevailing happiness.