Side Effects of Contraceptives

Some 20-30 years ago, taking contraceptive pills or birth control pills to control the pregnancy which can be said as unwanted pregnancy was not very common in India. It was not in the culture as people say but the actual reason was that people were not aware of the medical drugs and medicine which could be used for the purpose of various things. They were simply not aware of a medical drug that can be used to prevent the women’s body to produce an egg, which means that there was nothing for the sperm to fertilize and pregnancy cannot occur. The reason behind this is the literacy factor. The group who has to use it are not that literate enough to even know that such a thing exists and the the group who are literate does not have a need to use it. They consider it as something useless. As a result, there were so many unwanted pregnancies. People had so many children.

But Nowadays, it is very common to use contraceptive pills or birth control pills to control the unwanted pregnancy. It is used when the couple is not ready to have a child. The reason behind this that now the women, the group which uses it are now educated and literate. They know about the market, latest technology and the developments which are happening in various fields. That is why they are aware of the medicines that can be used for various purposes.

To be specific, there are two main types of birth control pills:
1) Combination pills which contain estrogen and progestin which is further synthetic form of the natural hormone progestrone.
2) Mini pills which contains progestin only.
But where they really lack is that inducement of any artificial or outer product in the body cause changes. And everything has some good thing as well as some bad thing to offer. If some product is offering some kind of benefits then there is a very strong posibility that it will have some side effects too. It will cause some or the other thing to our body. It’s normal mechanism will be ditsurbed in the process.

Same thing happens in the case of contraceptive pills or birth control pills. It costs a women body in various ways:
1) Spotting- Abnormal Bleeding from the uterus hat can occur in between the periods, may also occur every few weeks and the flow may also be heavier than usual.
2) Nausea- A sickness feeling with an inclination to vomit.
3) Breast Tenderness- It can be said as throbbing or tightness in the breast tissue which cause pain. It may be constant or may occur occasionally.
4( Headaches- A continuous pain in the head.

Apart from all these, it causes irregular or painful heavy periods, endometriosis, acne and premenstrual syndrome.

Lastly, I want to conclude with my opinion that with benefits, contraceptive pills has some major side-effects too. It disturbs the normal functioning of the body directly attributed to the intake of a medical drug to prevent something from producing. It affects the body adversely. So, the intake should not be very much and if taken, it should always be consulted with the gynaecologist. If the doctor advises, then only it should be taken but that also not very often.