Everyone knows this fact that all marriage are decided in heaven but there are some couple who accept love marriage. Everywhere this is a good topic of group discussion regarding which is best love marriage or arrange marriage. Many people from India voted for arranged marriage. Whereas in others countries love marriage is preferred the most. Love marriages contain pros and cons. Lets we come to know about these pros and cons of this love marriage. This kind of marriage is very special. Both partners must have the right to keep their own choice. If there is a love present in their relationship then this love marriage is good and continue for a longer duration of time. In many cases this love marriage cannot go for a longer duration of time.

  1. This is good for these people who want to find their partner of their own choice. They have right to choose their partner.
  2. They are mature enough to judge that what is good and bad for themselves. They know very well the bad and good effect related to love marriages.
  3. Each partner is aware about the good qualities and bad qualities related to their life partner. They can easily adjust their behaviour and nature according to their needs. If you know your partner properly then it is very easy for you to adjust all types of conflict between both partners.
  4. Love looks true and contain a lot of emotion and feeling in love marriage. They cannot made force to love each other. It comes from their heart.
  5. In love marriage there’s a strong bond of love existing in their life which can make it easy for them to share every hidden thing with each other.
  6. Generally equality prevails in love marriages
  7. Planned love life leads to happy families.


  1. This kind of marriage is based on attraction and when this attraction ends then it might end the relationship between two partners.
  2. If by any means your parents are not for it and you go the marriage anyway then you be come alone for the rest of your life which means that you don’t have your family around with you.
  3. The chances of divorce are much greater in love marriage than in arranged marriage.
  4. After marriage a lot of new things and changes in their behaviour could be noticed when it’s already too late for two people to get out of this relationship.


  1. Most of the arranged marriage cases are made on the basis of culture, religion and caste and therefore supported and respected by family and parents.
  2. Any arrange marriage is complete only after a lot of adjustment. This remains in the mind of the girl and the boy too, which is why of them would try their level best to keep their relationship alive and keep giving chance to each other. India happens to record the least amount of divorce cases around the world.
  3. As in arranged marriage both the partners are unknown to each other, it helps them want to know each other and that builds a strong and healthy love in between them.
  4. Parents or well-wishers always think about the economic condition and future conditions.
  5. Some studies reveal that love in love marriage fade after a point whereas love in arrange marriage tend to increase only.


  1. First disadvantage of arranging marriage is that both the parties are unaware and feel uncomfortable with each other. If it remains then in that case the marriage becomes a burden.
  2. It could be possible that the thinking, behaviour, nature may not match with the significant other which might lead to quarrels between the partners.
  3. Arrange marriage sometimes lacks communication hence leading to two people failing to understand each other due to lack of communication.
  4. Forced marriages still prevail leading to unhappiness among two people.


Whether it is a love marriage or an arranged marriage, the relationship will work only if both the partners are serious and honest in the relationship. Life should be selected on your own and shouldn’t be forced on someone. These days people are taking time to know each other before marriage even in arranged marriage which is a sign of progressive society.