Period- A Taboo

In some parts of India, menstruation is considered as a unholy thing and the girl or woman who menstruates is often kept seperately for the time being. When her period will be gone, she can come in the house and chat with her family but at the time of the menstruation she is not allowed to come in the house. She is not even allowed to enter the kitchen and cook for herself or anybody. Basically, she is given a room differently where she have to cook, wash and do all her chores in a particular area. Sometimes, this room is located outside the house where there is no amenity present. And the regret which follows for a girl is that she can’t even complain because the people who are giving her this kind of treatment are none other than her own family. She has no choice to accept or reject it. She has to follow what her family orders and instructs.

When a girl or woman menstruates, there are lot of hormonal changes in her body. Sometimes, that hormonal changes even lead to very painful periods and heavy flow of blood. The breasts are stored, cramps occur, backache, mood swings, pain in the stomach and many more. It lead to a lot of things which cannot be put into the words. But all this while they are left alone to handle and take care of themselves. They are not given any assistance or support regarding that which sometimes deepen the problem.

Also, when they live outside the house all alone, there is no security given. The family believe that no one will come to them but according to the reports published, crimes do take place when girls and women reside outside the house during their menstrual cycle. The main reason behind the crimes which happen is that when they menstruates, no one pays a visit to them. At that time they become vulnerable. Then there comes the sick- minded people who want to take the advantage of both the situation and of the woman. For them, it is their golden opportunity to grab a woman and do whatever comes in their mind. As a result, women are often molestated and raped. There is no one to protect them in that situation.

This happens in the parts of rural India where the old culture and idealogy still prevails and due to the lack of education, people are adamant to change any of their ritual in this respect as well as in all the other respects. They do not want to change themselves. And because of this nature only, people residing there become backward in thinking and menatality. They tend to take the society backwards.

Lastly, I would like to conclude with my opinion that education is very important in changing the mentality of the individuals. Without that they will never understand that the rituals they follow and idealogies adopt are something which will ruin the society in the coming future if not changed. They will become the hurdle in the development of the country. Also, there is a need to recognise that these traditions are old enough and it needs to be scrapped as early as possible. Menstruation and menstruating women should not be considered as unhold. Now, the mentality should be changed.