Taking care of Mental Health

For the people of the older generation, health means physical health. Ofcourse, health should be related to the taking care of body’s normal functioning and mechanism but where the reasoning lack is that health does not only constitute to physical health but also mental health. Taking care of the most delicate part of our body. Giving priority to that flesh through which our whole body functions and operates. It’s prioritising that. But from years, that head is always neglected in terms of taking care of. Very little attention or no attention is payed towards it even after knowing the fact that it is important to take care of.

But this thinking is now changing. Now, people do pay heed and take care of their mental health apart from physical health. They consider that and place it equivalent to mental health because just like with a broken leg, we can’t move and with a disturbed mind we cannot focus. Breakdown of any one of them will cause problems to us. It is argued that this fact was already known to everybody but then also it was neglected but the real fact is that yes it was known to everybody that without a good mental health, we’ll not able to have a proper functioning of our mind. But the degree of disturbance was not known. The extent to which it can affect and cause problems in our daily life was not known until the doctors and researchers published the reports regarding that.

According to the research, scientists have found that taking care of mental health is very important and even more important than physical health because physical problems need money to be treated but for mental health, individual themselves have to take care of. The therapist can only advice what to do and what not to do but at the end of the it’s the individual himself that has follow everything. He himself has to cure that. And not taking care of it is like pushing yourself in the well. It’s a suicide. So, it’s very important that the person should prioritise his mental health and take care of.

The next question which then comes in the mind is How do we take care of our mental Health? What it means to take care? So the answer would be always keep your mind in a happy state. Ofcourse, there will be some or the other kind of pressure and tension in daily lives of the people and it is normal also but a limit should always be set for it. If the tension and pressure rises above that limit, consider it as a bad sign and start making efforts to keep the mind in a happy state. Recognise that what the mind wants and then make efforts in accordance to that. Also, it is very important to distance ourself from those who are the root cause of tension. They should be kept a particular distance. Because at the end of the day, a person is always left alone with his body and soul. People will come and go. And that is why the first responsibility of the individual is take care of himself. No other person will come and do that.