Is beauty the perception of pleasure to all our senses or is it the aura that emits from something or someone through sheer happiness. Is beauty in the flower or within us that reflects the beauty?

The prose,”Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” is a paraphrase of a statement by Greece philosopher Plato and is expressed by an Irish novelist in the 19th century. The connection of beauty to the eyes of the beholder is much deeper than what it looks. Each individual has a different understanding and inclination towards what’s beautiful.

Beauty is a combination of different qualities in something especially in sight which means that beauty doesn’t exist on its own but is created. Therefore, different studies conclude that beauty is subjective and its idea varies person to person.

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Different people have different perspectives on looking at the same things.This is because of a game played by the mind and the eyes which reflects on our vision and sight. Beauty as a person is being the best version of yourself in the inside and as well as the outside because “An original is always a better copy”. Everything around us has beauty in it but not everyone sees it or even tries to see it. The most beautiful eyes are definitely those that seek beauty in others including themselves. But beauty is not something that always has to be seen with the eyes but it can also be something that is felt by the heart.

Even though beauty attracts the eyes, character and personality of a person is what comes from within and that reflects in our eyes, that’s the beauty which is experienced by the beholder. This can bring about a change in the smallest thing around because not everyone sees things similarly only when they can decide what they want to see but if your inner self in sad and weak no beauty would be seen and felt by the eyes.

The concept of beauty has always been a very debatable topic and I believe always will be as beauty is undefinable statement and could never really be captured into one truthful meaning which is why the phrase beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder stands very true. Many factors influence how we feel and look at things like our social environment, our elders, and the media and always will.

Therefore, it’s always suggested to look at this with happy eyes to realise beauty in the things around you. To have happy eyes one must have a clear mind and heart with a positive attitude towards everything around them.Thus people say that Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and the most liberating and inspiring thing is to realise that you yourself are the beholder. This is what empowers us to find beauty in different things, words and even places around us where people still haven’t found beauty in yet. This makes a difference in what you have seen and others still haven’t seen.