Knowing about our own body is our right and parents have the responsibility to provide them the knowledge and awareness a young mind needs to know. Access to comprehensive sex education is a human right. The society can longer passively leave it to streets or the internet to brainwash the kids mind with incomplete knowledge or set sexual standard values.


Sex Education is a comprehensive set of knowledge and process of learning the emotional, physical and social aspects of sexuality. Sex education should include information about puberty, menstruation, condoms, contraceptives, sexual violence prevention, sexual orientation, gender identity and body image. Sex education will provide the importance of self well being and health to one and others.People have so many different conceptions about sex education.

Many people think teaching children sex education is equivalent to permitting them to engage in sexual intercourse which is not true. Engaging in sexual intercourse is a personal choice nevertheless one should always be clear about the consequences and be aware on how to prevent diseases and unintended pregnancy. Sex education should treat sexual development as a normal human development.Sex education will help kids to adopt healthy decisions. But this is not enough, Children are perplexed and demand honest answers. Comprehensive sex education should provide honest, age appropriate informations.


  • It is important in consideration of health and well being and dignity of not only themselves but also others. Health related problems and teenage unintentional pregnancy leads to absenteeism and dropping out of studies.
  • Developing respectful social relationships and sexual relationships will enhance quality of life. Some people choose to be in a relationship while some don’t. Some people feel an attraction towards somebody who could also be of the same gender as theirs and that’s okay.
  • Sexual health can affects the academic development of a student. Reportedly a student who has not engaged in sexual activities tends to be better at studies.
  • Good sex education helps students differentiate between intentions and also knows about sexual violence.


Sex is already taught all over internet in a very poor manner. Children are curious about gathering information about sex much before parents can even imagine. Therefore, parents should take the initiative of education their children about sex from a younger age and educate them further with the growth in their minds and age. It also creates a secure relationship between the child and the parents. Parents need to ensure right information is given to their kids. Parents remaining silent about sex can lead to children trying to figure it out on their own from internet or from their peers.

Sex education helps the kids understand their bodies and feel optimistic about the body. Many parents prepare their daughter for menstrual periods and son for his nocturnal emission. Therefore, parents should be the first source of information to the kids. Boys should also be taught about periods as later on in life it helps to deal with their wife’s mood swings or pain.


Sex education works best when there is mutual trust and comfort and safety among themselves. Sex education should be taught according to the Childs age and development stage.

Here are some ground rules which are to be followed:

  • Asking questions indicates the want to gather knowledge
  • Respect for each other
  • Correct use of body terms and activities
  • It is possible for the teacher to not know all the answers
  • Gender equality should be taught
  • Students should be given right and primitive information
  • Students should be open to discuss any issue in the class related to sexuality
  • Listen to what the teacher has to say because it might be of use in the future
  • Always speak for yourself


Looking at the current situation of India, sex education has a far more distance to cover in terms of Indian society understanding and accepting its importance in every Childs life. Sex education is still not to be seen in many schools. Currently many organisations have taken the responsibility to personally approach the school for teaching girls about menstrual or personal hygiene. Boys are still left to collect information the streets and internet.

Many parents believe that with age their child will learn about it anyway therefore they don’t bother to talk about it at all. Some parents are shy to even pronounce the word in front of their kids. Parents refer to ignorance as assurance but now the times have changed, somehow children acquire inaccurate knowledge about sexuality. It is the responsibility of parents and teachers to make sure the kids are socially and sexually aware.


Sex education should be made compulsory in school curriculum. Comprehensive sex education is important for young people to prepare themselves for any bodily changes and maintain their healthy and hygienic being. Sex education doesn’t promote having sex, which should be realised by parents. Knowing about your sexuality gives altogether a better and productive mindset and relationship in the future.