“Language is not only a means of communication but also a tool by which we think”

Language is an essential part of human connection. Although different species have their different ways of communicating, humans are the only ones to have mastered language as a mode communication as it allows us to express share our ideas, feelings, and thoughts with others. So basically humans are made by the language. For most of the people language comes naturally whereas learning a language, say some foreign language means one has mastered the system of complex words, structure, and grammar to communicate efficiently with people of different cultures and societies. Language also plays an important role in the business field as without language one cannot share ideas and grow them into something better. Language also has the power to build or sometimes even destroy the societies.

As language can show our perspective, our understanding, the origin of the nation, our levels of education, and sometimes even our characters. Thus language acts as a mirror of us .Therefore for the communication to well both the parties that involves the sender and the receiver needs to have a proper command over their language.

Language is considered a basic tool of communication but it does not end here as it also acts a tool by which we think. Language indeed influences what we think. One such theory that supports this idea is the linguistic determinism.The concept of linguistic determinism is that language and its structures limit and determine human knowledge or thought, as well as thought processes such as categorization, memory, and perception. This term implies that people’s native languages will affect their thought process and way of thinking therefore people will have different thought processes based on their mother tongues. The differences in the conduction of how the different speakers of different origin such as Mandarin Chinese and English think and talk about time and this was included in one of the illustrations related to this phenomenon. In order to talk about time, the speaker of English origin tends to use terms that explains horizontal changes along the dimension. For example, the phrases used by him were “I’m running behind schedule” or “Don’t get ahead of yourself”. Meanwhile the speaker of Mandarin Chinese explained time in horizontal terms, the vertical arrangement of terms is not unusual to be used. According to the speaker, “up” might be used to describe past and “down” to describe future. It proves that variation in performance is interpreted by the variation language on tests planned with respect to the ordered relation between a mentioned event and an expression of time. The purpose of the test was to evaluate how rapidly one can acknowledge the said relation. Although Language does not completely establishes our thoughts as our thoughts are far too flexible, but habitual use of language can surely influence our habit of thought and action.

Apart from these, the relationship between communication and culture can be noticed from our daily ways of communication or interaction with individuals or a group of people. As the language we use must have been influenced by places we live and the society in which we are born and brought up in which has it own unique culture and identity. Therefore culture in regarded to way of life lived by human beings. Humans learn, think, feel, believe, and even look for whats appropriate according to their culture. Apart from Language, friendships, social and economic activity, politics, and even technologies are based on the various culturals. As for people who speak English, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Telugu etc, this is all because they have been raised in a culture that contains these characteristics. Their actions are a response to their cultural functions. Therefore culture and communication cannot be disassociated as it not only gives an idea about the persons who are having the communication and the topic of communication but also helps to encode the meaning of the messages.

Still there a lot of debate about language being a part of culture and language and culture being different, but they have a very close relationship, so it cannot be separated as most of the things in the culture are reflected in the language as well. If there is diversity in culture, there are also various communication practices. Even the background of a person can also be determined by the language he speaks or the way he speaks. Thus, it can be said that language used is influenced by the culture and vice versa.