Women face special stresses and have unique needs when it comes to stress relievers and healthy lifestyle choices. The following are different ways women can make lifestyle changes to promote their health.

Social support can be a great stress reliever. Friends can help us in many ways, from offering a supportive ear to lending a helping hand. Studies have shown that those who have strong social support tend to be healthier, happier and less stressed. For women, especially, this is an important part of life to nurture, as women tend to deal with stress more often by sharing feelings and forming supportive networks.

Male comforting to a sad depressed female who needs help in a coffee shop. Break up or best friend concept

One stumbling block to friendships for women is that we find ourselves so much busier these days. Demands of work, children, or other commitments can take over the time that was previously free to pursue friendships, so it’s important for women to make an effort to develop social support in their lives.


Women are often the caretakers of others. We care for men and children, friends and family, but don’t always care for our own bodies.

Here are some stress relievers that are great for your body:

  • Exercise: Getting out and getting active has numerous health, beauty, and stress management benefits, including a leaner body, greater energy levels, improved overall health, the opportunity to blow off steam, a change of scenery, and a catalyst to take your mind off of what’s stressing you, among other things.
  • Spa Treatments: Whether you’re going to a top spa or setting up a home spa experience, pampering your body on the outside can melt away the stress that you’re feeling inside, and leave you feeling more refreshed and beautiful afterward. Read more about setting up a spa at home, and make a habit of using it.
  • Healthy Eating: A healthy diet has more benefits than just making you thin; because healthy eating can leave you with more energy, thinking more clearly, and reacting in a more even-tempered way to stress.


According to research and a poll on this site, too many of us don’t get adequate sleep and operate in a sleep deficit. This leaves us less productive and more prone to stress, among other things. Women, because of their busy schedules and multiple roles, often find themselves getting less sleep than they need, or are unable to get a good night’s sleep due to stress. If you find yourself getting too little sleep, the following resources can help you get the quality sleep you need to function well.

  • Stress and Sleep: Learn about the physical and emotional damage that can result from getting too little sleep, and how it all affects your stress levels.
  • The benefits of the Power nap: Read about how to use power napping as a stress management tool and increase your productivity and improve your health in the process.
  • Sleep Aids: If you’re having trouble getting to sleep, staying asleep, or achieving quality sleep every night, these are some all-natural ways you can get better sleep from now on.


It’s important for women, including mothers, to take regular time to do things that nurture our souls and keep us feeling alive; if we don’t, we could face burnout, and we won’t be as helpful to others in our lives anyway. A regular stress management practice is a must, and it can come in the form of a hobby, a type of exercise, a tension-taming practice, or some other habit, but it’s important to make time for such things that can keep you feeling your best. The following are some important resources to help you find a regular stress relief practice:

  • Choosing a healthy new habit: Perhaps the easiest way to stick with a new stress relief habit is to pick one that best fits your personality and lifestyle. This test will point you to the stress relievers that are best for you.
  • Sticking with a said habit: Once you’ve chosen a stress management technique to incorporate into your lifestyle, these tips will help you make it a habit.
  • Self-care strategies: These ideas will help you pamper yourself for a change.