Feminism and Women Empowerment

Feminism in general terms can be defined as equality among all genders holding equal rights and opportunities. The word feminism is evident whole around the globe and is concerned with activities mainly indulging women’s rights and interests. It is an approach against inequality  between men and women in this huge man domain world, it can be in form of social, economic, political movement aiming to establish social, economic, political and even personal equality among all. It ensures and encourages women to put forward their ideas, beliefs, utilize their knowledge and strengths and empower them to perceive their true rights. Feminist movements have organized course of action and are still continuing to do so for women’s rights including right to vote, receive education, equal wages, equal sibling property ownership and to safeguard women and girls from any sort of sexual harassment be it rape or domestic violence. These movements also make certain legal abortion and other social reforms for women.

Historically, women faced discrimination on the basis of their gender, they had to fight against the orthodox society with the result being constant failure. Now things have bit changed and such a result is feminism, an initiative to fight against gender stereotypes and bringing about a change in this unhealthy dynamics of society.

Feminism means congeries things to congeries of people, it is not expected to define a particular’s feminism in any way. Its all about cutting the difference between men and women and leveling them on the same scale. Thus, making similar opportunities available to both men and women in life.

Women Empowerment refers to steps taken in order to empower women. The following concept may be understood in a number of ways like, taking into consideration the opinions or views of women, encouraging women to pursue higher education and uphold a high rank in society and also to uplift the position of women through literacy, training etc. It also provides them to take their own life decisions, tackle various problems in society. Women empowerment can also be defined as to encouraging women to realize their self worth, their capacity to discover their own way out and most important their right to bring about effective social change for themselves and society.

In true sense, empowerment of women contributes greatly in the development of society. The advancement of status of women also intensifies their decision making ability at all scales in all volume of life, particularly in the field of reproduction and sexuality. This without doubt is necessary for the long term accomplishment of the population programmes. Women empowerment and ensuring women’s rights have now become a worldwide movement.

In this contemporary age, feminism and women empowerment is the talk of the town. Numerous developments have been seen till date in awake of both the elements. It is right to say that women empowerment is contributing greatly in the advancement of the society and will continue to do so. Gender discrimination has nearly diminished in the last few decades. But today also in some parts of the country such distinction still subsists. Thus, to tackle such situations it’s important for females to understand the true meaning of feminism and it is the essential right of the women to be empowered so as to hold an independent role in the society. But apart from these various developments, women and girls still face discrimination on some or the other ground and are victims to numerous harassments each day in every part of the world.