The journey of college life

Hello & welcome all the dear readers . I am hoping this article will be mostly viewed by the students who are in college or going to join college very soon .

As a 12th passout student after getting out from that hectic board exams pressure many students imagines that they do not need to study in colleges but that isn’t correct . College life is something where you can learn a lot of new things you can acquire lot of new skills that will going to help you in future times . Till class 12th you are not aware about many things but during college life you are going to face lot of new challenges . Till class 12th as a student your first priority is to score goods marks in your boards examination but that is not similar in the college life. Because going ahead in your life your skills will matter more than your professional degrees . And in colleges the syllabus are also not that much broad (except few courses like medical )you can easily learn new skills if you have dedication towards that .

Now lets talk about that 1st day of college . After getting marks in boards examination if a student gets admission in top universities like delhi university then they thinks that 1st day when he/she will go college they will have a great welcome as they are toppers of their respective colleges/state/district and many students will come and they are going to feel like a celebrity as they have scored that much amount of marks but beleive me nothing happens like that . No one going to ask you about your marks & percentages specially in top universities like du & bhu .your first day is going to be very normal .so never be in that imaginary situation like you are going to have a celebrity like feeling or something like that .

You can explore your college life by meeting new peoples in your college from different states by knowing about them , their cultures their traditions & lot more . In colleges like Du there are societies to enhance your skills so join societies according to your interest. Next way is to do internships so that you can gain practical knowledge & also can earn something so that you can manage your expenses . It is also an important part of college life that you must have to earn by your own so that you can learn new new things & get prepared/awarded about challenges that you might face in future.

Now moving ahead I would must say that you must have to explore your college life. Learn as many skills as you can . Be the best version of yourself . This 3 or 4 years of college life cannot Destroy your whole life but if you want than you can do something very very extraordinary by utilising these 3 or 4 years whatever you have . Simply you don’t have something to lose but you have many many things to win . & At last best of luck for your college life.