Time and Tide wait for none

The first thought that comes to our mind when thinking about time is it can’t be changed. But we are not trying to understand the wastage of time in our day-to-day life. We know the benefits of it, but we don’t realize its importance in our life. The reasons we gave to waste time are infinity.

Photo by Taryn Elliott on Pexels.com

There are many reasons for wasting time we would have come across in our daily routine. Some of them are :

  1. Addiction over small tasks : This type of time wastage occurs when we get addicted to small tasks that surrounding us neglecting the big tasks that are important and urgent. It is caused due to the need of perfection in our simple task, but the cost of this addiction is realised later.
  2. Procrastination : It happens every time when we lost our focus on the current work and started thinking about something else without knowing. It is the most common and dangerous reason that finally leads to jeopardise our job.
  3. Wrong priorities : We must prioritise our works correctly before involving in it. The more time we give to priorities our works, the more jobs we can finish. Wrong prioritising of jobs leads to losing of important and urgent work.
  4. Multitasking : The tendency to do everything at once is the way to finishing none at last. Initially it may look like doing all at once and saving time. But eventually it makes our easy jobs more complex and atlast completing no tasks. The amount of time we take to do all simultaneously is more than the cumulation of time taken to do all jobs each at a time.
  5. Disorganised : The surrounding of our work bench also influence our time. If it were too clumsy, the time to find something important is also comes under time wastage. The place we work must be clean and organised to make our jobs easier.


  1. Eliminate Distractions : There must be no distractions during our work time. It must be eliminated as far as possible to finish the task quickly. Distractions took large amount of time and it results in postponing of jobs.
  2. Creating a To-Do List : A To-Do list can help us prioritise our jobs and it is a easy way to work on our tasks in an proper order. To-Do List must be created either during day before night or early morning. The important point in creating a To-Do list is it must be minimum and must be possible schedule.
  3. Take a Break : A small break between task keeps us productive during the task and motivate us to do other jobs as well. The best way to schedule breaks is pomodoro technique. Pomodoro is a technique which involves 25 minute work – 5 minute break. This break time must be used for our hobbies and favourite tasks instead of using smart phones and televisions.
  4. Reduce social media Time : The time spend in social media must also be scheduled otherwise it will consume large amount of time. It can be used for some time and must be thrown away. Sometimes logging out of social media might help, since the next time we go to social media the lazyness of logging in again may tempt us to see it afterwards.

The more productive we are, the more achievements we can we do in our life.
Stay productive!!