Online Vs Offline Education

This is one of the most common topics nowadays on all social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, and also in newspapers, articles, etc… While some opt for online education and others opt for offline education. There are certain advantages to both. Let’s see some of them.

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Online Education

Online education is not something that was established just after covid. It has existed before the coronavirus too, but the need for online education is not there. It was a highly considered method during this pandemic due to the inability due to spread the contagious virus. The classes which were conducted with board and chalk are replaced with PowerPoint presentations and mouse cursors. It was a bane to some, while it was a boon to others.

Advantages of Offline education

  1. Environment : May it be a school, college or work place the most important factor is the environment surrounding it. It is the environment that gives us the exposure and the needed opportunities and chances to fall and raise again. Even if we fall, we will definitely will have someone to pull up again and there are will be some who will share their experiences on the current field.
  2. Doubt Solving : In Offline, anyone can ask doubts to teachers and professors at any time. There is no need of waiting for the right place and the right time. Either as a school student or a college student , we can ask doubts at the period at that time itself.
  3. Guidance : We can always ask our doubts to our seniors who had experienced similar situations. There will be no barrier between them and us.
  4. Discipline : Discipline is one of the core principles of life and it will be taught only in offine education. Everyone will be regular to their respective places , maintaining obedience and discipline. The value of discipline is not realised until the 20’s. It will make us reach heights of life even we wouldn’t have dreamed about it.
  5. Consistency : Consistency comes together with people who are disciplined. Consistency is the way to learn any skill and be talented in that. It will not be a problem for disciplined people since they follow it everyday and keeps their day productive as possible.

Advantages of Online education

  1. Recorded Sessions : The main advantage of online education is the videos can be seen any number of times at any place. If some doubt sarises, we can refer the videos. Most of the online classes nowadays are recorded to provide the students this wonderful facility to clear doubts.
  2. Time Saving : Online classes saves a lot of time such as travelling time. Students can use this time to upskill themselves and to be productive.

Disadvantages of Online education

  1. Non-availability of Phone : Even though online education is a convenient,flexible and cost efective method of education, not everyone can afford smart devices like Phone, Laptop, Tablet etc… This disadvantages is mainly for people who face difficulty in even afford daily expenses. This was quite proven in many places during this pandemic.
  2. Network facilities : After Smart devices, internet facility is another important thing to see online classes.
  3. Lack of Discipline
  4. Lazyness
  5. Losing the ability to think
  6. Increased usage of devices


Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. If we think and follow online classes just like offline classes, the productivity will be maximum and there will be no issue .