Best Friend – Books

Books are indeed best friends for many book readers and book lovers. Some may feel like there is time wastage in reading books and thought of spending that time in something else. But only the book readers know the true value of the Book. Sometimes it gives happiness, sometimes sad, sometimes anger, and sometimes the combinations of all. A book cannot be categorized in any order unless the full depth and till the last page is read. This article will either involve you in the line of book readers or it will be a tribute to all the wonderful books read by book lovers.

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Advantages of Reading Books

  1. Reduces Stress : Books are a great way of reducing stress because there are no such thing like happy books and sad books. Books fed readers with the plethora of emotions like Happiness, Sad, Anger, Excitement,Interesting and many more. Just like spices, each book has its individual flavor and content.
  2. Environment : Book reading sometimes seperates us from the real world and makes us wander in that virtual book world. It keeps our mind and body calm and stress free. There is no need of carrying the real world stress while going through the great books.
  3. Increases Vocabulary : Words used in books are not always common and same words. By reading books, we can learn many new words. It increases our vocabulary and knowledge.
  4. Motivational : Books of freedom fighters , scientists , doctors etc.. are motivational books that can give immense amount of happiness and motivations. People who are stressful and who are facing down time can use the books as a key to their life. It will inspire us and will instill creativity in our minds.
  5. Improves Memory : Daily habit of reading books improves and increases our mental ability to learn new things. The consistency will help us learn new skill in short span of time with greater memory power.
  6. Perspective of Life : Each book has a seperate content, seperate meaning and seperate emotions. Each will gives us a different perspective of life and it will gives us tricks and tips to lead our life. The more we learn, the easier we can lead our life.
  7. Improves Sleep : Reading books instruct our brain to calm down. Since it is a stress-buster , it will greatly helps us in getting good sleep with calmer brain.

Induce the habit of Book reading

  1. Daily goals : Schedule a short goal for everyday to read some pages daily.
  2. Eliminate Distractions : Keep your environment and room as clean as possible. Clean environment gives our brain the feeling of calmness. Keep the devices like Phone, laptop, tablet etc.. away from the place.
  3. Plan a time : Schedule a time for reading . Read the book either during sunrise or sunset to keep us fresh and as well as for having a good start for the day.
  4. Keep the book always with you : By doing it, we automatically want to read the book even during a ten minute break.

Books are a uniquely portable Magic.

Stephen King