5 Things to Keep in Mind Before Your First Job Interview

Attending a job interview is by no means a silly feat. Attending a job interview for the first time is not so simple either. When you have put in all the effort and earned that interview call, you are hoping that something good comes out of it. The process and people involved can all be pretty intimidating for a first-time interviewee. Whether you crack the interview or not, you just have to make sure you presented your best foot forward. Here are 5 things to keep in mind before attending your first job interview:

Be Prepared:

Be ready with everything necessary on time to give a good first impression. Double-check that you have all the required documents and your resume with you. Make sure you know how to get to the interview location and reach the place at least 10 minutes in advance. Have your outfit ready the day before. If the interview is online, make sure you have the necessary software. Ensure your computer and microphone work properly and no software updates are pending. Find a good location with good lighting and without much noise or disturbance for your virtual interview.

Keeping a checklist of all the above-mentioned guidelines can be very useful in not missing out on anything.

Have Your Answers (and Questions) Ready:

You obviously cannot know exactly what questions the interviewer will ask. But you can do some research and find the most frequently asked questions and develop your answers for them. You can prepare for industry-specific questions based on the job position you have applied for. Be prepared to introduce yourself, your background, passion and interests. Go through the job offer and review what the company is looking for in a candidate. You can make use of past experiences and situations in college, internships and school to highlight your skills and qualities relevant to the job description.

Also, make sure you have a bunch of smart and relevant questions ready to be asked to the panel of interviewers. You would most likely be expected to ask questions to them at the end of the interview and these questions would have to be relevant and reflect on your interest in the job and the company.

You can ask your friend or teacher to conduct a mock interview or practice saying your answers aloud in front of a mirror so that it sounds confident.

Research the Company:

It is also important to research the company you are interviewing for. Make sure you know what the company’s vision and values are and the leadership and recent news attached to it. This helps the interviewer understand that you are highly dedicated and motivated.

Be Genuine:

Even if you have done your best preparing your answers, it is possible you may not know the right answers to all the questions. It is important that you stay honest and genuine with your answers. It is your first interview after all, and you do not have to act like an expert. You can admit that you do not know something instead of making an answer up and appearing dishonest. Just make sure you convince them with your dedication, passion and willingness to adapt and learn.

Don’t get too Nervous:

Interviews can be pretty nerve-wracking and daunting, even for a seasoned professional. Do not let your nerves get the best of you. Being well prepared and ready with your answers can help a lot with it. Attending a job interview is a crucial experience, but not getting it is not the end of the world either. A lot of other opportunities will come up even if you do not secure a job on the first attempt. There are lots of life lessons and skills to be learned from them too.

So, for your first interview, make sure you do not put too much pressure on yourself and do your best!