Importance of Self-Confidence

Self-Confidence is one of the important things needed in our life. It has the power to either push us up or pull us down. Most people lack self-confidence at some point in their life due to failures and disappointments. Self -Confidence can be increased due to the motivation of others, but it is not the only way to boost our inner confidence. The confidence that comes from inside is the one that resists for long and helps us achieve more and more in our life. Let us see some of the ways to boost our confidence and try to use them in our daily life.

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Ways to Boost Self Confidence

  1. Tell good words to yourself : It may feel silly on reading this. But actually it works during the time of crisis. Whenever we feel low, we can tell some good words to “We can do it”,”We are capable of doing it”,”Nothing is impossible”. These words lowers our stress as well as helps in boosting our confidence. We can even ask our friends and family to tell good words to us. Getting these words from those we trust , gives immense amount of confidence in our life.
  2. Take a deep breath : Before starting any task, taking a deep breath will definitely helps us. We should allot some two to three minutes before the beginning of the job and we should take a deep breath without thinking about anything else. During that time, we should not concentrate on the outside environment or thinking about how to do the job. Our only focus must be on taking a breath and relaxing both our mind and the body.
  3. Thinking on past success : When we are doing a difficult or stretchy job, we can think on our past success or achievement for some moments. Beware, it must only be for some moments. Sometimes it will lead to over -confidence and destroys both the time ,the effort and the task.
  4. Thinking on our good time : Everyone will definitely have such moments in our life that brings us instant laughter or instant happiness on our face. During our low time, we can think on these things for some moments to boost up our energy and confidence to do the job. These times can be with the family or friends or colleagues or anyone. Here too, over thinking may lead to procrastination , which is the dangerous one that won’t led us to finish the job.
  5. Hobbies : Hobbies can make an individual feel happy, calm ,satisfied and acts as a complete stress buster. Taking out some time for hobbies can help us to make our brain relaxed and peaceful. These hobbies can be done during breaks or free time.
  6. Talk to yourself : This task doesn’t need anyone to perform. During our low times or when we have no one with us, this is the best way to keep us away from negativity and low confidence. We can talk anything and everything to ourselves. Just imagine yourself as another human and tell everything that is going on our mind.

Believe you can and you’re Halfway there.

Theodore Roosevelt