The Art of Organizing Things

Some may think about why this is so relevant or what could possibly happen by organizing things around us. Actually, it does a lot. By organizing things around us we could save a lot of time saved instead of searching for something important while doing a job. It increases our productivity and efficiency. Just like keeping phones away from the work desk helps, this too helps in our day-to-day life. It is not a difficult and hectic process but neither easy. We must carefully choose what is necessary and what is not. It is indeed an art in organizing things around us.

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Tips to organize things :

  1. Make it minimum : The things at our desk must not be too much and must not be too low. Take a pen and a paper. Write down things which is necessary and which are not. Organize the desk according to that list. The things must not occupy all the places of the table and should not look messy. It will bring down our productivity and confidence.
  2. Must be spacious : When we look at our table , we must know what are the things in our table and in which place they are. That is the main purpose of organization of things in our table. To achieve that purpose, keep the things with enough space between them such that they look neat and arranged well. It must not be too , it will not look good.
  3. Around your hand : The things we listed as important and which are frequently used must be reachable to our hand without getting up from the place. If it was, then there is no purpose of arranging things.
  4. Use sticky notes : Sticky notes are one of the best ways to remember things we tend to forget and to create a easy to-do list of that day. It must be sticked to the wall and the daily tasks with timing must be noted down in that. It must be created during early morning or before the day before night. Whenever we finish that task, we must strike it down and take a small break. And then we can resume on other tasks.
  5. Similar things together : Grouping similar things together makes the table look neat and organized.
  6. Don’t rely on perfectness : This is the most important point than above all points. Nothing is perfect either be life or job. The thing which looks perfect may not looks like that tomorrow. Thinking about perfectness is a good habit. But over thinking on it, waste a lot of time and make us lose our interest in organizing things.


The task of organizing things around us is indeed an art. It increases our productivity, focus, efficiency, mental stability, and likelihood to sleep better. It reduces work pressure and stress. And most importantly, keep your table away from distractions like television, speaker etc.. Keep the phone a little bit far from hand. Keep it organized always !!

For every minute spend in organizing, an hour is earned.

Benjamin Franklin