PR in the Age of Social Media

Long gone are the days when companies and PR professionals stuck to making announcements via press releases to be aired on TV channels and printed on newspapers. Social media is a valuable asset for everyone and Public relations professionals have also realized these platforms are useful for managing communication and information between a client or company, and the public. Here are 5 ways social media is utilized by PR professionals these days:

To Spread Information:

As previously mentioned, press releases and other traditional forums are not the only channels for spreading news. PR professionals make use of social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to make announcements about product launches, brand updates, etc. In this increasingly connected world, with platforms like Twitter where news travels at the speed of light, these announcements reach a much wider audience than with traditional media channels.

Crisis Management:

With social media, PR professionals can effectively understand what the public opinion is regarding their client or company. Since users can engage directly with brands online, professionals can identify and respond to customer conversations and online threats, in an effort to avoid negative reputation for the company. In situations of crisis or when negative claims are made against a company, the PR professionals also make use of social media to swiftly provide an apt response and relevant information to the public. This reaches a much wider audience.

To Connect Online with Journalists and Media:

Interacting with journalists on social media is a sure way of increasing the chances of media coverage for a company. Journalists these days make use of social media platforms to see what the public thinks about current news and trending events. PR professionals try to develop a professional relationship with journalists of relevant media outlets, sharing useful information and extending conversations with them, without being annoying or spamming them with data.

To Collaborate with Influencers:

Influencers are celebrities and personalities who have a large following on social media platforms and possess a great influence over their audience. Many companies now maintain connections with major influencers, global and regional, to promote the company and protect their reputation. A lot of brands invite influencers to their events and programs. Influencers are also invited to red carpet events, interviews and other promotional events of major films by their studios. The sway of these personalities is huge, particularly on Instagram, where influencers are the most active.

Campaign Hashtags:

Brands now use specific hashtags to promote their PR campaigns on social media platforms. These hashtags are a very strategic tool that allows companies to observe the conversations surrounding their campaign online. The campaign and brand content becomes easy to find and the company can effectively engage customers online. These catchy, easily recognizable hashtags also help the brand survey how well the campaign is working among the intended audience.