Time management techniques

Automate Decisions Transfer money to your savings account every time you receive a paycheck Choose all your outfits for your week on Sunday and hang them in the closet in order Subscribe to a weekly fresh delivery of organic vegetables and fruits to your home Standardize the typical daily meals […]

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How to properly plan out your week

Become more organized To be successful and reach your goals, you need to be organized.One first step in this direction refers to starting your day planning: choosing the agenda that works best for you can be a game-changer. Practice a lot Acquiring organizational skills, as in getting better at planning, […]

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Things to do after BA in English Literature

BA in English Literature is an undergraduate course that is opted for following the completion of the 10+2 formal schooling. Do you have a knack for analysing poetry or writing one? Are you keen about learning the history and evolution of different forms of arts and literature? Then a BA in English Literature was an ideal choice for your graduation. Many great inventions today across different fields such as astronomy, engineering and medicine are influenced by ancient literature and several art forms. 

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